Tonia is a principal owner of Hull Bay Productions where she serves as producer, director and editor.


Tonia is a multi-award winning, producer, director and editor, who takes pride in being a multi-faceted, and multi-dimensional creator with projects that range from sports, arts, politics and popular culture.


Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and raised in the United States Virgin Islands, Tonia has always had an interest in traditions that bridge both people and cultures.


She was born with a creative spirit and drive, and has been winning awards since the age of 4, when she won a contest featuring the work of the R&B band Earth, Wind, and Fire. She's a unique thinker, able to bring creative perspectives to even the most obvious subjects. Whether it's full-length presentations, web content and/or design, Tonia thrives when she's bringing form to the intangible, finding answers to solve communication problems.


Tonia Magras has almost 30 years of production experience, which began at PBS’ flagship television station WGBH-TV in Boston.


She grew up watching her mother, an Emmy-award winning producer, and instinctively began learning the ins and outs of television production, with a specific draw to the technical side.


In 1995, she won her first Emmy Award for the groundbreaking documentary Silent Screams: The Plight of Love, Abuse and Being Black, which was also recognized by the National Black Program Consortium for Outstanding Documentary. From there, Tonia has been recognized with 7 Emmy Award nominations and 3 Emmy wins for various documentary and production work. Some other highlights of Tonia’s work includes In Our Own Words, a feature on how young people handle the very stresses of growing up differently; The New People, a documentary on how Haitian immigrants began the migration into the working-class city of Somerville, Massachusetts; Whitey Bulger: The Final Chapter, a co-production with Emily Rooney chronicling how the infamous Southie gangster was eventually captured after decades on the run and brought to justice; and A Father’s Story, the grief and new found purpose a father found after the fatal overdose of his son.


In 1997, Tonia made the transition from the creative to the technical when she became an editor and director for WGBH’s Local Programming Department. Her career at WGBH then transitioned into the management side when she was promoted to Supervising Producer of the News Division in 2010.


After 25 years, Tonia took a leap of faith – literally – when she left WGBH to start her own production company with her husband and partner to work on their first film, 100 Years, 100 Voices of Faith, which chronicled the rise of Cambridge's Abundant Life Church as they celebrated 100 years of service. Through 100 interviews of members past and present, along with behind-the-scenes footage, the film wove together the stories of how the church impacted lives and faith from the formally known Apostolic Pentecostal Church to the newly named Abundant Life Church - and what the church's next 100 years plans to offer.


The film premiered in the fall of 2017 and in 2018 was selected to premiere at the Roxbury International Film Festival.

In 2018, Tonia decided to take a stab at confronting some of the random thoughts about what was happening in the world and titled it Problems/Solutions: And other thoughts in my mind. The idea is to take what Tonia perceives to be a ridiculous problem or idea and come up with her unique solution to it. This blog is not intended to offend anyone.

Then monthly - PS will feature a podcast with special guests to discuss some of the unique "solutions" to the "problems" perceives to be real (and imagined.)


Tonia also volunteers at her church in Cambridge, Massachusetts – where she was awarded “Volunteer of the Year” in 2017. She enjoys spending time with her rescue dogs Peanut, Harley and Chasis and is constantly working on new technologies and applications to further her skills. Tonia resides in Leominster, Massachusetts, with her husband and business partner Greg and her blended family includes six children (ages 32 – 12) and a one-year-old gorgeous granddaughter.


Principal Owner
Producer, Director & Editor
Graphic Designer
Hull Bay Productions